Saturday, August 28 | 9:00 am

Clinical Empowerment
& Health Freedom Event

Doctors and nurses, we want to support you! We hope you’ll join us for this informative, clarifying, and eye-opening event designed specifically with your career in mind.

In light of recent workplace mandates and regulations, many medical professionals and staff are now facing significant, career-threatening challenges and being presented with choices they never thought they’d have to make. At The Wellness Way, we have received an overwhelming number of inquiries from these professionals asking for support and guidance on how to navigate these challenging situations.

Our response?

We hear you and we’re here for you!

Our all-day Clinical Empowerment & Health Freedom event is designed to equip doctors and nurses with the knowledge, tools, and strategies needed to successfully make decisions that support individual health and career freedom. We believe medical decisions should come from a place of tangible understanding, not medical coercion. The healthcare profession at large would have us believe there is only one way for medical professionals to remain employed in the current healthcare climate. We believe there is another way.

Hosted at our beautiful corporate headquarters in Green Bay, Wisconsin, this empowering event will offer attendees an educational immersion that highlights a different approach to patient care and career expansion.

Ticket Options

Clinical Empowerment & Health Freedom Event

  • Ticket price includes event, lunch and organic coffee bar.

Clinical Empowerment & Health Freedom Live Stream

  • Live Stream

Clinical Empowerment & Health Freedom Donation

Starting at $500
  • Proceeds from all ticket sales and donations will go to Wisconsin United for Freedom

We’ll explore topics including:

  • Defining health and career freedom
  • The importance of medical choice and why you should have it
  • Knowing your legal rights and when to seek legal counsel
  • Practical strategies for taking back your career in healthcare
  • Clinical training from a different perspective (including understanding the immune system, the effect of pharmaceuticals on physiology, and more)


Dr. Patrick Flynn

Founder of The Wellness Way

Nicole Saleske

Nurse Practitioner at The Wellness Way Green Bay

Tara Czachor

Co-founder of Wisconsin United for Freedom

Brent Eisberner

Attorney at Levine Eisberner LLC

Sara Evert

Former Labor and Delivery Nurse